Thursday, June 15, 2017


starting the day by working on the Aermacchi project.



our friends are challenging and heading to Pikes Peak International Hill climb again this year. (they participate in land speed racing as well. with different machine, different rider, of course.) HK-san, who will be hauling the bike to Colorado this time, just arrived from Japan, rented a van and picked up their racing machine at the port that they shipped from Japan and stopped by our workshop on the way to Colorado Springs.


this is THE machine. Kawasaki Z1000 MK2 tuned by Blue Thunders in Japan. and the rider Arai-san is one of the top contenders in his class. we got goosebumps just looking at it. Go Blue Thunders, Go Arai-san!

こちらがマスィン。ライダーAライ氏のカワサキZ1000 MK2、エンジンはもちろんBlue Thundersがチューン。Aライ氏、今回は10分台を目指しているそうだ。マスィンを見ただけでも興奮してドキドキが止まらない。行け~ブルーサンダース、行け~Aライ氏!!!

they said they are aiming to get to Arizona tonight. have a safe drive and have fun!



back to the Aermacchi project. trying to modify a different starter motor to utilize it for the Aermacchi.


to be continued...


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