Saturday, July 15, 2017

false information...

 it's unusual for us to come out a day before and get the Spike inspected on the dry lake. 


because we had "starting line setup" duty.


land speed racing at El Mirage is composed of all racers and supporters efforts. it's a part of the race.


 102 F°

39 C°

and we made it!



when we came back to Azusa, confused Sam-san and Wata were waiting for us.

Sam-san bought his own trailer this year to haul his racer to Bonneville (he rented a trailer last year). the used trailer he found on C-list needed some modification to fit his Miata and so he has been working on it at Wata's workshop.



Wata wanted to take his 240Z to El Mirage tomorrow to get it pre-inspected for SpeedWeek. he has arranged to borrow a trailer from his friend before Bonneville but it's not here yet. 


Sam-san's Miata and Wata's Datsun are similar in size. so their plan was to haul the Datsun on Sam-san's trailer to El Mirage tomorrow so that Sam-san could test his trailer and Wata could take his machine to the dry lake.


however, the plan ended up in smoke... was Datsun bigger than Miata? nope. the trailer was too small. it was supposed to be a 10 x 10 but was actually a 8 x 8... guess someone didn't measure it right. but i'm sure Sam-san will come up with an alternative solution. 27 days until SpeedWeek 2017.

しかしながらこの計画はおじゃんに。トレーラーにZが載らなかったらしい。ミアータよりZの方が大きいからだって?ノンノン。10フィートx10フィートだといって売りに出ていたトレーラーは実際計ると8フィートx 8フィートだったんだって。買う前に計れって?そんなつれない事は言いっこなし。明日のエルミラージは諦めてボンネビルまでに何か改造策を練ることに。なんだかやること山積みだけども、スピードウィークまであと27日・・・もあるから大丈夫きっと。

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