Tuesday, July 25, 2017

hot summer track day...

came to Willow Springs Speedway.


we brought our CB160 and CL100/120, the one shinya prepared for trail ride and then suddenly transformed it for track ride a couple days ago.


 met up with Kiyo and Kat of Kiyo's Garage.

Kiyo's GarageのKヨ氏とKットさんと待ち合わせ。

 they brought the CB160 and...

Kヨ氏が持ってきたのはCB160 と・・・

Yamaha GT80.


we switched bikes once in a while and found ourselves riding for about 8 hours :D


we are planning to participate in 24hr endurance race in september and having a team meeting here :P and remember, we are all participating in SpeedWeek in 2 weeks, too :D crazy, right?


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