Thursday, August 10, 2017

on the way to the salt flats...

we somehow made it to Baker and decided to take a nap because most of us haven't slept in more than 24 hours.


done napping.


passed Las Vegas at last.


got to Ely, Nevada and decided to stay over night here. 208 miles short of salt flats. Wata has some more things to do on the 240Z so we all helped at a motel parking lot.


didn't have time to put competition number on the left side so shinya rose up to work on it using a vinyl tape that he got at 99¢ store right behind the motel :D


now Wata is adding border by correction tape from 99¢ store.

そして、ピンストライパーかのごとくビニテの数字に縁取りを施すWタナベ氏。by修正テープfrom 100均。

not bad at all!


Wata got crazy on correction tape...


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