Thursday, September 28, 2017


our very special friend and a great artist David Uhl brought this portrait of shinya painted by him. the reason why David came to our workshop was to take some photos of shinya's latest work, which would be the Aermacchi "Il Drago", to paint another great fine art. we are very honored.

描いてくれたこの木村氏のポートレートを持って画家のDavid Uhl氏がコロラドから来てくれた。光栄なことに今度は木村氏ではなくて完成したばかりのアエルマッキの画を描きたいと言ってくれて、そのためにはまずは写真を撮りたいというのでどーぞどーぞと招き入れたところ・・・

thought he was gonna just take some "photos" but it ended up having a very professional photoshoot with a photographer Ryan Hackett and his team, a model (was our friend Imogen), a stylist, and all.


our workshop disappeared into the haze 🌁


"The Alchemist" by David Uhl
Model: Imogen Lehtonen
Motorcycle: "Il Drago" by Shinya Kimura

thank you, David, Imogen and team Ryan Hackett ♥


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