Friday, December 15, 2017

caught in a doodlebug's pit...

had to pick up some parts from a person located in a desert area so we decided to take our small bikes with us and ride in the nature but ended up digging holes in the sandy wash to rescue our van before we unload the bikes 😭


dig and dig. then put some rocks.


back up a little bit. dig. put some rocks. and repeat. at one point we almost gave up but we kept on and finally got out from THIS bed of quick sand but there were another one or two ahead of us. so we just careened through and somehow made it to the hard surface area. strangely enough, it was fun after all😸 then, we enjoyed a gorgeous trail ride in the sand afterwards. 


back to the workshop. this is the front wheel of my Thunderbird.


shinya told me to use things that we have at the workshop as much as possible to complete this project. but he got me a pair of new boots!


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