Monday, January 8, 2018

late night Guzzi talks...

the Moto Guzzi project. the owner KB from out-of-state stopped by and a powwow started. he saw the basket G5 that shinya picked for him for the first time.


since the owner is very tall and has super long legs, that is beyond the reach of our imagination, shinya asked KB to sit on the Le Mans III to see the position.


the gray cat, one of the outsiders, has never climbed on any of our motorbikes before but tonight. i guess she wanted join the Guzzi powwow, too 😸

最近チャボに居座っているねずみ色の野良猫。今までどのオートバイにも登らなかったのに今宵に限ってグズィに鎮座。話し合いに参加したいみたい。 😸 かわいい。

we can't believe how quickly the time goes. they've been known each other for over 10 years. now they race together and meet more often, their friendship deepened much more than the time that shinya first built Sepia for KB. even this Guzzi project idea was born from their small talk a while ago. this will be a very special project and can't wait to see it.


okay, you chose Guzzi too, ha?


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