Tuesday, February 13, 2018

have the devil's own luck...

brought Wata(Taka)'s land speed racer Datsun 240Z for a horsepower check, seeking for 300 hp. the owner/tuner of this speed shop who has the dyno for the power check says "seeking for 300 hp? a Datsun 240Z with L-engine? no way! if you get 300, i won't charge you for this!" 


when E, the shop owner, started the test, it only got 250 something hp... even if Taka changes jets and all, getting 50 more hp sounded pretty much airy-fairy😢


Taka's shaving the carb jet needles for the extra 50 hp... well, at least he can give of his best...


sometimes miracles happen. 305 hp!! he got 308 hp after this. congrats, Wata!

ミラクルきたぁぁぁぁ!!! 305馬力!この後308馬力をマーク。今日はお祝いだ!しっかし、悪運強きオトコだわ、Wタナベ氏ったら。

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