Friday, February 16, 2018


the SR 40th anniversary project. the blinkers and reflectors are all installed.



Ricky de Haas of Wannabe-Choppers from Germany dropped by to show his latest creation, the e-bike called "AISi9Mg" ϟ

ドイツからWannabe-ChoppersのRdH氏が最新作をアメリカのいくつかのショウに出すためにやって来ていて、チャボにも見せに寄ってくれた。これ、Eバイク、電気 ϟ

he brought it in pieces and reassembled it here when he arrived to the U.S.


Ricky is still in his late 20s but he's a gearhead/petrolhead just like shinya, trying to do something new and different. he told us that just because he built this beautiful e-bike, he was faced not only compliments but also a tons of criticism from older people saying "e-bikes are not motorcycle" 😿


but so what? creating something new and different is a beautiful thing, as long as to us. and it's totally OK to have a interest in e-motorbike even if you are a greahead/petrolhead, as long as to us. it's sad to say but there are always some people who show their rejection when they see a new thing. but it won't stop youngsters to build/create whatever they want.


thank you Ricky for showing your positive spirit. it is always a pleasure to share some time with like-minded person even if there is a huge age gap 😸



and back to work.


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