Thursday, April 5, 2018

heart to heart ride...

a canyon ride with Kiyo and Kat. every ride is precious but this one was very special for us for many reasons.

Kiyo's GarageのKヨ氏とKットさんと初の山ライド。仲間とオートバイに乗れるというのはいつだって貴重な時間。でも様々な理由から、今日のは我々にとってはすごくスペシャル。

one of the big reasons was because this was our long-cherished wish. shinya, Kiyo and I have been talking about going for a canyon ride more than 10 years, long before Kiyo got married to Kat, but for some reasons, it never happened. and now with Kat, we are riding in the canyon all together!


Honda CL450, Honda CL77, Honda CB77 and Yamaha SR500.


wandering around the canyon occasionally on the way and back.


after all this time, our wish came true and this ride remains in our hearts forever for sure.


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