Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the great transfiguration or the way to the land speed record...

ok, now we got a pit bike. what else do we need for the speedweek? ah...the race bike!! shinya's been racing a '46 knuckle named "spike" with the owner @ both el mirage and bonneville.

it started as a street legal city ride bike.
very elegant.

and then, they went like...why not el mirage?
just because shinya put this tiny fairing in front,
the class became "partially streamliner" hehehe

shinya made bigger front fairing
but not so big to stay in the
"partially" streamliner class, though.
we somehow love that class, partially!

added the under fairing,
changed gear ratio, etc. changed a lot for more speed.
their goal was 125mph at this point.
reality, however, is not that simple, of course.
the best so far is 107mph...

why not bonneville? last year↓

now it's ready for 2009 speedweek.
yes, dual carb!!

try and figure it out along the way...that's the joy of racing. but the real thrill of racing is going fast!!!

you just wait, 200km/h club!!
oh, no, no, not 200mph club, 200km/h, ok?
200km/h is about 125mph...good enough and big challenge for a 60-year-old motor!


SakeRacer said...

good luck guys...

it's really a nice see u using that piece of art... just for the fun of joining the 200km/h club!


u deserve it!

PS: to be honest... i also like the 107 record...

i like #7... my lucky seven!!
i can't hide it!!!

btw... do u still have that record's papers???
pls... scan and post!!!!


Charles said...

Good Luck, The Spike has come a long way. I love this Bike. I can't believe its a '47.

Flatironmike said...

good luck!

i think Paul and his dad at amer cycle fab may have something to say about that in the vintage class, but again, best of luck!


menacing ayu said...

SakeRacer: thanks. i'll show you the speed slip or the plaque of 107 if i find one...

Charles: thank you. we didn't realized the transformation much until we saw those pictures.

Flatironmike: thank you!

Bastybikes said...

Ayu .. you forgot to post the last version of "spyke" with that nice fairing ... will it race with fairing ?