Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it's the inspiration over perspiration...

ok...what's going on? i see yamaha dt1 on the
so-called "operating table for mild case."


voila!! forget about yz80,
we'll take dt1 to bonneville!!
by the way, he was trying to pose like
the sticker behind
the one n & t from seattle brought us.

clean up the mess, mister!!


t said...

Nice! I need to find one of those for Bonneville I was going to bring an old cruiser but that's not going to cut it..

menacing ayu said...

t: if you can't find one by speedweek, you guys can use ours!

t said...

Sweet, .. You say that now but you if you let Nikki ride it you wont be able to get her off it. She's been wanting a motocross bike or an enduro for a long time. She even went to motocross school. I'll make her share her mothers beef jerky with you guys.. special Nagasaki recipe.. she hides that stuff from me and wont share it.

menacing ayu said...

t: Nagasaki beef jerky? it makes our mouths water! we'll sell our souls for it!! Nikki, ride our dt1 on the salt flats as much as you want but don't forget to bring THE Jerky ;)

Nix said...

I'll request another order of jerky from my okasan for sure!

menacing ayu said...

Nix: yay!! please give our best regards to your okasan for us. can't wait to see you guys there!