Saturday, July 25, 2009

name is just a combination of some letters

at the queen mary calendar show last weekend.
see our booth? banner, no color whatsoever.
frumpy? noooo! i'll call it spartan-chic.
well, as long as shinya creates
things with his soul,we don't need anything...
met many good people there.


Hollywood said...

By Far my all time favorite Artist/Fabricator. It was great to see you and Ayu at the show and Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Also it was great show my friend first hand what I have been blabbing about when it comes to your work. The bikes in the afternoon Sun put a whole new perspective on the detail, simplicity, flow, and uniqueness of your work. I could have sat there for hours mesmerized by the beauty that they exude and teh positive energy they create in me. I wish i spoke Japanese to be able to better pick your brain on what inspires you. But from the times we have chatted, Its seems like you just let the bike tell you what it wants. I look forward to your next piece. I also love the addition of the front light housing on the Spike. It adds so much to its character. Thank You Shinya and Ayu.

menacing ayu said...

Charles: it was very nice to see you and your friend there! we'll see you soon!!

Chris said...

Shinya and Ayu,

My dad and I had such a nice time taking with you two. My dad is an old time scrambler from back in the day, lots of Bultaco's and Triumphs... him seeing Shinya's creations helped him realize that there are so many more options than just Harley when it comes to material to build a bike around. Also, having the two of you there to congratulate me on my win was simply surreal! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! Now I need to get my butt into gear and make my dads bike and another one I have up my sleeve for next years show. Take care, Chris

menacing ayu said...

Chris: glad that you guys returned safely. it was a pleasure to meet you, your father and your friend there. congrats! and can't wait to see your new creations next year! by the way, we were touched by the t-shirts with little notes on. had something in common with the traditional japanese way of sensitivity...please say hello to your father for us. see you soon!