Sunday, July 26, 2009

pit bull or pit bike?

shinya usually do his creative work at night.
so what does he do during the day?

taking out the motor out from 1978 YZ80...

and then put it back on the 1975 yz80 frame...hummmm

is this his new project? nop. he's preparing for the bonneville
speedweek. salt flats, baby! oh, i mean this little yz80 is going to be our pit bike. speed limit within the pit area is like 15mph so this will be a perfect one to ride around there.


get it running is so easy for shinya!
....wait a minute...doesn't look like a happy face...oh ah

this little motor is like sun-fisher, he said.
ok, not suitable for a pit bike...
to be continued...i guess...


SakeRacer said...

pit bull or pit bike??????

why not call it... bull bike!!!


menacing ayu said...

SakeRacer: yeah, it's defnitely a bull bike!