Saturday, August 15, 2009

abduction, detention, and forced labor...

we just abducted a-chan, s-man & m-man from back drop and n&t from chico moto, put them in our jail van and rushed to the starting line about 3 miles away from the pit area + 2 miles more for the special course starting line...once you get there you can't go anywhere. it's in the middle of nowhere. hehehe

why am i here?? by s-man
why me? by m-man

t & n
forced labor practice

a-chan & shinya found the nice butt

sometimes 40 minutes, sometimes an hour and half or two...we just wait in the line for our turn in spectacular nature. during that time, we meet people, talk to others and see many interesting race cars and motorcycles in person. it's just amazing.

about to start

and back in the pit

shinya did 4 runs on the second day. tried all different combination possible of the directions for the velocity stacks.

became desperate and took both off...
but at the very last minute shinya put just one back, though...


94.742 mph
99.134 mph
93.126 mph
101.901 mph

shinya got all the best speed at the third gear and lost speed when he put in fourth gear. found the best directions for the velocity stacks so just need to do something about the gearing.

ok, next!


SakeRacer said...

i just love the first pic on top!



menacing ayu said...

SakeRacer: the butt?

SakeRacer said...