Saturday, August 15, 2009

the fruit of creativity

"to fix the problem i have about the gearing, i need to put a smaller sprocket which i didn't bring," shinya said. but...believe it or not, the team back drop, who already left last night, had a sprocket in their van for some reason and left it here just in case. not sure yet if shinya can use it but at least we got one. sprockt, clear! haha

"i still need three special tools to take out the one i have now and put the new one in..." shinya continued. ok, we don't have those three special tools...what should i do? "well, if we don't have it we have to make them or make do with something i have."

6am on the third day.
cutting off the crowbar.

unwanted side of the crowbar

when shinya first started his own shop in japan,
he didn't have any special tools
so he used use chisel for everything.
you never know when something is going to come in handy...

estimated time required---half a day
but it's still 7am!!

is everything ok?

chisel forever, forever chisel!!

the fresh jerky made by n's mom
filled shinya's empty stomach.

done? already? 8am

waiting for n and t...and better coffee...
n makes the best coffee ever

now shinya is ready for the morning run. let's go!

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