Saturday, August 15, 2009

your trip won't end until you acturally arrive back at home!!

so shinya had given it his best shot on the salt flats and got his personal record of 109 mph, we decided to head back. we were exhausted...

instead of return back from bonneville by way of salt lake city to stop by at k's place, we just took highway 93 to vegas. (sorry k, we'll be back soon!) after a 9-hour drive, we got in vegas and made a pit stop at the huge truck stop.

just then, it happened...a tremendous aomount of green liquid was erupted from the bottom of the van...didn't look like a hose anymore. shinya found out that it was the radiator, we collapsed in relief. what if it stops on the country lane 93? we had to stay over night in the darkness with rabbits and deers for sure but this is vegas, baby!!

yes, it was the radiator!
it was old. that's all well and good.
thank our van to hold out til vegas!!

it was already late so we decided to stay overnight. our plan was to AAA the van to auto parts store in the morning, get a new or better radiator, and shinya will replace it himself. he got all the tools. not a big deal, shinya said.

tow-guy somehow didn't wanna take us to the parts store but drop us and the van at the repair shop, ment no harm because the outside was hot, the vegas hot! the pro took 6 hours for 2-hour job and we could not go a single step out from the f-king-cold-white-squere-waiting-lounge because the outside was stinking hot and all we could see from there were an adult mega store and a seven-eleven. aarrgghh

ok, at least we got a brand new copper radiator. let's go home...

no, no, it won't be...but looks like the van
is not moving with its hood up again
on 15 freeway a way before baker...

de ja vu?

why not use it? we've got 100 miles AAA free ride,
moving forward to barstow with no hands!!

our destinaiton? autozone in barstow.
DIY rules!!

how could we get overheat with the brand new radiator? it was working properly. shinya had already figured it out. the pro used the old cap for the new radiator!! that's all. what we've learned? there are no pros, do it yourself!

we got a new cap.
of course, shinya had to repair
the heater hose again...
another de ja vu moment.

as it happenes, this autozone was located on route 66 that means it will lead to our workshop. the workshop is, too, on route 66 /foothill blvd. so...we took route 66 instead of interstate 15!! much more fun and mellow. had a great time!



junkmotor said...

my god whatta gorgeous trip ♪ sounds like only one time in a life ! Im very sorry abut velocity stacks and many thanks for you guys try and try !

Charles said...

Wow, you guys had your hands full. Sounds like the first AAA Tow was getting a % for towing to the shop. I know the Barstow Auto zone very well, I had to repair a brake line in the middle of the desert in my Prerunner Ford Ranger. I had to hitch a 15 mile ride to the Barstow Auto Zone to get a brakeline flare kit. Once I got back to my truck I realized the kit was missing the attachment for the Brakeline I had, Great! Back to Barstow again. At least you guys know now what to check and extra parts to bring for your next road trips. After all that said and done, Road Trips are still the best. Hope the Van is doing okay now. Look at it this way, Imagine if you were towing the bikes on a trailer, that would have been really annoying.

Dan Collins said...

glad you guys made it back, sounds like fun except for the radiator. I hate working on Van motors, too hard to get to the parts...see you soon?

t said...

what a nightmare with that radiator.. sorry you had to go through all that.

Lonnie C. said...

You never can recall the trips that go smoothly. This trip, you will always remember. Congrats on the 109.

control valves said...

That was quite an adventure.

menacing ayu said...

junkmotor: it was fun! don't be sorry, we thank YOU. shinya got 105 on the salt flats last year and his personal record at dry lake was 107. so 109? that's f-king rad!

Charles: totally agree with you. including all the troubles, we love road trips!! van is in a great condition now :)

Dan Collins: we definitely will see you soon at your open house!! it's on sep. 6th, not on aug. 30th, rihgt? don't wanna be one of the three stooges again...

t: but it was kinda fun! btw, we LOVE your pix on your blog very much.

Lonnie C: that's true, we'll always remember this trip and laugh about it. thank you!

control valves: yes,it was and had so much fun!