Thursday, October 29, 2009

put your ass on it...

back drop a-chan, the leather master, 
arrived with his machines and tools in his ranchero
to make the seat for shinya.
shinya and a-chan 
taking the machines out

careful guys!

the back drop stamp

when it comes to seat designing, 
shinya draws for a-chan.

instead of trying to explain in words 

 they have a strong relationship 
with 17 years of history...

japanese call it the A and UN breathing 
or rhythmic breathing,
a method of mutual understanding.


matt@machine said...

so many times i looked at the seats on shinyas bikes and thought how beautiful they fine the stitching...and beautiful shapes....nice thick saddle leather...perfect.

menacing ayu said...

matt@machine: those very unique shapes coming out from shinya's mind are materialized by back drop ash. the power of alignment!