Sunday, January 24, 2010

DicE DreaM...

saturday night...

DicE party 

at route 66 bar 5 min. from our workshop.

met great people 
and had a happy reunion with special people 
like k of ventura motorworks
ok, terrible photo, i was drunk.

ah, better picture here.

a & back of i's of falcon motorcycles,
m of the team garage company (finally!!),
and j of trophy queen on the far right.

they all stopped by at our workshop 
on their way back from the DicE party.
spending a quality time with 
like-minded + creative + very talented people
in the middle of the night was so much fun.

m's evo sporty. great job, m!


k's knuckle is always cool. 

sunday morning...

here's jj's nice car but where is everybody?

our workshop was supposed to be the meeting place
for the next day run.
ah...where are the bikes? and the people?


matt@machine said...

i wish i was there...

けん2 said...


Bozi said...

I gotta move to cali.

venturamotorworks said...

I love you guys, thank you I had a great time, your work space is beyond words
can I move in????
I'll be real quiet
I can sweep.....K

menacing ayu said...

matt@machine: ok, next time!

けん2: もう頼んだからねー

Bozi: come come!

venturamotorworks: hahaha! we love you,too,K! please come back anytime, we made our workshop roomy for you :)

mako said...


menacing ayu said...

mako: こちらこそ寄ってくれてありがとう!忙しいと思うけどまたゆっくりコーヒーでも飲みに来てねー:)