Thursday, July 15, 2010

a man for in-mani-elle (emmanuelle)...      インマニエル夫人・・・

the intake manifold of the indian. shinya found out that the valve covers had about 1/5 inch difference in level. maybe because the cylinder heads aren't matching. despite that, manifold were forcibly tightened up and the threads on the valve cover screws were stripped. shinya thought it would be too time-consuming to find another valve covers or to fix the level of the valve covers, he decided to make a manifold that fits to uneven level valve covers instead. using nipples and nuts for plumbing found at home depot in middle of the night... "IT'S NOT RECOMMENDED to use home depot parts for restoring the historical vehicle," shinya said.


left: no good manifold
right: very good manifold

 the finished piece


way better!



けん2 said...


jam'zgarage said...

good job! (^.^)

t said...

Home Depot..Nice one!Sounds good.

Anonymous said...

This is what i love about Shinya and his work . If it don't fit , fix it . And if there's no parts available to fix . Figure out something . To Hell with where the part came from . Now it works !


Anonymous said...

Thank you Shinya for sharing the restoration process. Awesome to watch a MASTER at work.

Anonymous said...

It looks like it fits well. I'm working on the same intake manifold joint on my 1916 X. Just bought a big bar of teflon, the lathe will soon turn it into good gaskets to replace the 100 year old leather and copper ones that didn't survive the years. I'll put an article on my site later.

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menacing ayu said...

けん2: そうだよねー。けどめんどくさいよ、作るのはきっと。

jam'zgarage: what?! you are supposed to be here and doing all this, man!

t: home depot, don't leave without it!

Anonymous: :)

occhiolungo: teflon washer will be super! looking forward to reading your article.

白いチクチク王冠さま: 御婦人に触れてくださってありがとうございます。