Tuesday, September 21, 2010

in albuquerque

believe it or not! ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE WORKS in oregon fedexed us the crank pin, roller and a set of cages for the indian. still can't believe they got all we needed and sent them to us in new mexico this quick. shinya and niimie were gonna do the hard way but now we got the parts, they know what they need to do and just do it!

edward's machine shop in albuquerque, new mexico did horning the conrod big end for us right away to support us. thank you!!!

な、な、なんと!オレゴンのアンティーク・モーターサイクル・ワークスが15年のインディアンのクランク ピンとローラーとケージを持っていて、ニューメキシコにfedexで送ってくれた!奇跡でしょ、これ。木村氏とN美氏はダメになっちゃったピンを削って溶接して・・・というハードコアな方法で何とかするしかない、と考えていたのに!パーツが手に入れば後は木村氏とN美氏が猛チャージで直しまっせ!

ニューメキシコ州アルバカーキーのEDWARD's machine shopにて、大急ぎでラッピングをしてくれた。「お代はいらないよ、無事ゴールしてくれ!」と。色々な人達のお陰でここまでこれた、よし!ゴール目指すぞ!
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jefu said...

good news. maybe I will see you on friday in Kingman I want to go for a ride, the weather is perfect

BitMonkey said...

Missed you guys in Albuquerque today, sounds like you had a busy day. With any luck maybe we'll catch you tomorrow morning.

t said...
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t said...

Try this again. I can't type on these phones.

Nice one! Don't call it a comeback!

Ethan said...

Nice! Didn't see you guys in Abq but I am glad to hear everything worked out! Everyone was worried about you.


Ishiguro-sensei said...

there you go!

...just a thought... if i say i broke both intake and exhaust valves of my xr1000 at fuji speedway race (which actually happend 2weeks ago)and having a trouble finding replace ones. would i get them in no time...? just a thought.