Monday, September 20, 2010

people in lawton, oklahoma were soooo nice...

but couldn't get what we want here. can't stay here forever so we decided to move on to the next point. passing through texas with the indian in the van was a biggest disappointment for all of us. but shinya and niimie have got all planned out and i'm pretty sure the indian will run again soon.


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t said...


kazuu said...

復活 願ってます

TP said...


Trusty said...

who cares about points you guys are having an adventure that people like myself will only get to have dreams about!



Rockford said...

You three are still striving to do your very best, in spite of challenging circumstances.
Continued respect and hoping the right part/person appears.
Peace to team Chabott.

けん2 said...


チ~チ安藤チョンドファン said...

SHINYA KIMURA NEVER DIEじゃ~~~~!!あっ、ニ~ミ~ズもね~!!

Jeff said...

I'm curious, what couldn't they do?

じぇふ said...

I've been blowing up the phones and e-mails all morning, no luck so far, Ayu please keep us up to date on your progress. じぇふ らすべがす

matt@machine said...

of course it will run again...

Jefu said...

Ziggy from Canada has a Crank Pin and a Cage only no rollers.

ziggy 519-650-1339

Jefu las vegas said...

Oh yes and Moen from Denmark has a crank pin as well (hey he's trying) he also suggested this.

Then get bearing rings in lead bronze made up to replace
the rollers/cages. Give them about .002" clearance against
the pin and maybe a bit less in the rods. Drill radial (and
maybe also axial to get some oil in there) oil holes in the
bushings, turn up the pump volume and ride carefully.

This may seem crazy, but Royal Enfield (albeit with higher
oil pressure) had this kind of big end bearing for years. This
was white metal coated - which would be luxury for the bronze
bushings above - but the principle is the same. I have even
heard of pieces of leather belt replacing rollers/cages in a

Let us know how it goes.


we all want you to complete your mission Kimura san.

Ethan said...

Let me know if I can help! Hopefully I'll see you guys tonight.



Bozi said...

Whats happening, information Ayu where R U?