Wednesday, December 1, 2010

shinya the ripper...

 started to disassemble the mv agusta
last night (this morning).


 ta-da the motor disappeared!


 just now


sizzling frame



Jet said...

No! No more in-line fours... More V-twins... knuckles and pans preferably please!

rct said...

i love everything you guys do, all shapes and forms. you have very good taste. thanks for the inrsperation

Alfred said...

Love the very clean engine of this MV. I'm wondering what Mr Kimura will do with a Laverda 750 sfc.

Sometimes I copy&paste these Japanese comments in google translate and translate it to Dutch. Very weird and funny sometimes.

menacing ayu said...

Jet: hahaha

rct: thank you!

Alfred: shinya said Laverda sfc is almost a perfect design so it will be a challenge :) those translator suck!