Tuesday, January 18, 2011

maison de 6-32...

 all the 6-32 bolts and nuts live here.

 shinya removed all the slotted bolts
from the mv agusta.


 and put socket cap screws.

ヘックス ボルトに。

Paul d'Orleans of The Vintagent came to visit our workshop with M yesterday and he already wrote a great article about shinya.  we were thrilled to read it because Paul did faithfully captured what shinya said or wanted to say and put them into prints. it's quite usual for Paul but to us, something like this doesn't come along too often. please check it out if you are interested.



Alfred said...

I've read the story and I must say that the comparison with stagecoach builders is a very well choosen comparison.
Pays respect to the original motorcycle builders.
Beside the story, the pictures are beautiful also.

Bozi said...

Excellent huge pictures. Great article. He even sneaked in a picture of you 2 together, very nice. The elusive photographer got photographed :-)

kevin said...

great article and pictures. very inspirational

Rockford said...

Congratulations. Very nice article.

Shinya - Like the s.h.c.s. The fastner for speed.

matt machine said...

i saw it last night as i check pauls site often....he is an exceptional writer...and his subjects are always of the highest standard....especially this time....lovely piece.

menacing ayu said...

thank you all for reading! thank you Paul for writing and posting beautiful photos! ♥