Friday, January 7, 2011

5 strips of bacon after 10 pm put shinya out of action...

 went to see the photographer Michael Lichter
in downtown la.  he was setting up his booth
at the LA convention center for the easyriders show
and let us sneak into the venue.
Michael and we spent 16 days together
during the cannonball rally so it was great
to see him again and share all the good memories:)


 sneak preview of the show


 late night eatery in downtown la.
they serve breakfast all day.


 shinya wanted to eat something light
so he did...


apple pie a la mode is always a light meal
for me.



Bozi said...

ummm, pie.

That white Indian looks beautiful.

Rhynchocephalian said...

The mirror reminds me of some helmet or armor of some kind. Its a draw on the white Indian, certainly a beauty but then you zone in on the red one, just as much a stunner. Love the Mug!

shellie said...

Light meal? well anyways it does all look delicious...i love the top photo and imagining how fun it would be to ride an indian.

Speed Shop Design said...

We met Michael at the AMD show in Sturgis this part summer and he invited us to his photo show. He is such a nice guy!!!

Anonymous said...

try sourdough toast next time. they are not light but they are really good.

davo said...

I just love those old bikes!!!

ANDROID said...

Oh man I love the Pantry

menacing ayu said...

Bozi: we liked that white indian, too!

Rhynchocephalian: i thought something like that, too when i saw the mirror :)

shellie: it was supposed be a light meal...oh, well.

Speed Shop Design: he's a tough guy, too!

Anonymous: we'll try it next time!

davo: we do, too!!

ANDROID: by the way, love your drawings :)