Monday, January 31, 2011

helloooow? i can't hear you...

david clark headset that TP brought for shinya
but probably i will be using it more often.
it shuts all the noises out.
c'mon, compressor! play hard, grinder!
and...goodbye, endless mariachi and lady gaga.
(from the radio next door)

speaking of grinder...
shinya has been using these makita 
with regular switch shown on the right
but TP introduced shinya a makita 
with paddle switch shown on the left.
revolution? we'll see.
thank you, TP!!



sethro said...

personally shinya, i have been using the older button style for years and im not very impressed with the paddle fact, i have all my swapmeet second hand buddies lookin for the old ones to buy..goodluck shinya, and keep the inspiration coming..

menacing ayu said...

sethro: shinya uses 5 or 6 grinders/sanders all with regular switch and he uses them on various types of work. it's always great to know and try new things to find new ways :)

Demoto said...

I have a slide switch makita just like the one on the right. I broke it open and swapped the switch out for a momentary push button at the rear of the grinder. Works a lot better for quick on and off.

TP said...

After a couple hours of grinding,
he may get used to it!!
Just a good option to know and have.