Sunday, January 30, 2011

a personal note: it was great seeing you, K of ventura motorworks :)

 '29 ford roadster pick up 
built by our friend TP(with the help of L)
 pretty neat!

友達のTPが作った'29 フォード ロードスターのトラック。


venturamotorworks said...

Great to see you too!!
I love you guys, and LOVE your shop. Soooo really, can I move in?
Maybe over in a little corner?
I can sweep.......K

Petrovich said...

Good afternoon.
In this video - Motorcycle Cannonball 2010
Time 9:40 You came on a motorcycle?

menacing ayu said...

venturamotorworks: hahaha! anytime! we love you, too!

menacing ayu said...

Petrovich: yes, it was shinya on the last day at the finish line :)

TP said...

Thanks for the hospitality you two!
I was running on 3 cylinders.
(thats not alot for a car guy)
You guys are the best!


menacing ayu said...

TP: anytime! the worst hospitality couch ever but slightly better than "the hotel van" hehe

Petrovich said...

Respect for Shinya and all participants in the race!