Friday, March 18, 2011


update: our friends in Tokyo and all over Japan were raising money and collecting relief supplies and small toys for children to deliver them directly to the most urgently needed and isolated devastated areas by themselves because of serious shortage in both supply and government support.  now gasoline and kerocene are very difficult to get on site and even in Tokyo.  so, many of our friends in Aichi(central Japan), gathered vanful of fuel and supplies and drove 4.5 hours east to Tokyo.  from Tokyo, 3 vans went up north to Sendai(it takes normally 5 hours but now? i don't know how long it takes) and then from Sendai they went further north to Kesennuma to deliver supplies there.  as soon as they come back to Tokyo they are going to refill the vans and 5 vans go shuttle. we just got a call from our friend Ash in Tokyo that he said he was about to leave to Sendai for a second round. lots of gruesome wrongs are going on on the way that are unreported in the news. heartbreaking. please wish them luck and continue to pray for sufferers.

支援物資の運搬が着々と進んでいるようです。奇麗ごとばかりじゃない現実。先ほどBDのあっちゃんから連絡があり、今から第二陣で仙台に向かうそうです。決死の覚悟で物資を被災地に届けてくれているみんなに感謝。これは一時の感情で思い立っただけでは出来ないことだと思います。きちんと組織立てて 協力し合って黙々と物資を運び続けてくれている実行隊のみんな、そして仕分けや物資調達をしてくれているみんな、ありがとう。みんなの安全を祈っています。それぞれが出来ることを思い切りやろう。もしも仕事を続けられる環境にある人達は落ち着いて一生懸命働いて、日本のためにお金を使おう!被災地の皆さんは助けが必ずくるから待っていてください。O内さん、BD店主さんをはじめとする茨城のみんな、応援してるよ!

これは 一回きりじゃないよ、継続していくよ。だから一度に無理しないで、それぞれのやり方でそれぞれの出来る範囲で協力しようぜい。




isambard said...

great friends, i salute them!

Justin Chou said...

I also admire your friends very much. I'm troubled that there are wrongs going unreported though. Is the government wronging the people, or are the people wronging each other? If you feel comfortable sharing I think it's important for the world to know.

menacing ayu said...

isambard: yes, they are great people.

Justin Chou: it's not so hard to the time like this, anything could happen. i'm not going to list all the wrongs here. i said that because i didn't want impress people that i'm posting this as a touching tale. there are so many people in need now and we just do whatever we can to help.