Thursday, April 28, 2011

ichiro, samurai, gs1000...

S U Z U K I GS1000

all of a sudden, shinya pulled out his gs1000 from the chabott inside junkyard and started to change the front end...


i think he did it for a change...but he gave himself over to it forever, as always...

done! now he can get back to work.



Ty said...

Shinya, you really are a real artist. When inspired, time is irrelevant.

Inazuma Luke said...
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GuitarSlinger said...

Uh Oh !

Why do I get the funny feeling there's a new creation on the Horizon ?

Ahhhh ... but that's a good thing !

So now we've got three to look forward to .

The H-D in progress
The rejuvenated " Spike "

And now this little beast .

At least Spring on the Chabott site is looking pretty good , if not in the rest of the World .

Inazuma Luke said...

This is really one of my favourites.
... If you look at it as it is now, it's already a remerkable piece of iron.
GS 1000 is a real icon, and in Shynia's hands can only get better.
You certainly recall the Yoshimura Suzuki GS 1000, 997 cc, more than 130 HP... 1979 and 1980 AMA champion, capable of some 270 Km/h. Not too bad for a stock byke of more than 30 years ago.
And you have just set a pair of Pirelli Phantom! Where did you find them???
I have no words, but beautiful!
Ciao 4 now

Bozi said...

Ill love to see that one done, I hope it is one he'll keep for himself to ride.
I looooove my GS1000, I will never sell that ONE bike, I keep wanting to rebuild it, but I cant stop riding it to tear it down. I am collecting some modern suspension for its redo, but it handles so well stock, not clumbsy like other large cc bikes back then, it feels like a smaller bike.

OK, so now you know I love mine, & I hope he gets that thing ride ready & enjoys it.

IndieSol said...

I own a GS1100, already wrecked it and rebuilt it once I love it so much. Great bike and I can't wait to see what you do with it.