Monday, May 2, 2011

bug in sunday...

 VW drag race and swap meet
at the auto club speedway in fontana


 a photo without any sense of speed...
but it was dragging!


GuitarSlinger said...

VW Micro Bus Westphalia campers .

Traveled thru out the US CND and Mexico in one as a kid worth my family from 1967 thru the mid 70's.

Highly recommended . You don't need all that modern junk to create fantastic memories . Just great views . clear windows and the curiousity to know what's around you .

Hint todays parents . Turn off the videos game boys etc and make the kids observe what's out there .

Cause ;

Its A Big Land Out There

jam'zgarage said...

最高な感じ! いいなぁ~~!

menacing ayu said...

GuitarSlinger: wow! that's fantastic. and we totally agree.

jam'zgarage: 最高でしょ!そんでもって、この日例のビンテージレースもあったんだよ!