Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THE moment, filled with a sense of accomplishment...

the owner finally got a chance to ride the mv agusta for the first time. this is the moment the owner and shinya have been waiting for, the exciting, happy, indescribably beautiful moment. shinya's bike completes when the owner rides it. i see the perfect balance :)



Ty said...

The end of a great tale. So what's next?

matt machine said...

i think the owner would have had a big smile and so would shinya...because that is a beautiful bike with many hours of love in its build.
well done..thanks ayu again.

GuitarSlinger said...

I'm guessing it'll take a lifetime to get the ear to ear grin off of the owners face . Che Bella Machina !

@Ty- The Twin Cam I think

TP said...

Looks like Shinya was lucky to build for an owner of similar size-
perfect fit.

You guys need to start designing a glove/riding suit/helmet set to go with the bike,
make it a complete package!


GuitarSlinger said...

@ TP ;

Hand that suggestion over to Ty @ Hook Motors . He's got the line on clothing design .

Malcolm said...


カノさん said...

The impeccable Italian mechanical alloyed with unparalleled style and art of Shiya .... yet another milestone in the Custom cultures
Shinya thanks!
davvero grazie!!

menacing ayu said...

thanks guys!