Sunday, May 8, 2011


our friend michael wilson was one of the 12 artists in "superba" show presented by JF Chen at chen loft so we went to the opening reception.

3年前にチャボの近所からテキサスに引っ越してしまった家具のデザイナー・アーティスト、マイケルがLAのJF Chenのロフトで開催されるショウの12人のアーティストに選ばれたと聞いて観に行ってきた。

lamps by artist kwangho lee

aranda/ lasch
our friend michael wilson, furniture designer/artist. he designs and creates furniture from wood and metal. very unique and talented artist. what we like about him the most is that when it comes to creative work he never compromises + he's always growing.


shinya staring at michael's cabinet 
and the art piece...

one of his latest creations. 
i liked its shadow, too.

 michael's signature, spider series...

michael moved to texas 3 years ago so it was a pleasure to see him again and his new creations. very exciting and inspirational night.

may 5 - june 3,2011
Chen Loft
941 n. highland ave.
los angeles, ca 90038


Speed Shop Design said...

Wow, your friend Michael makes beautiful work. Thank you so much for sharing!


Ty said...

It's beautiful but I feel the lights are too spidery for my taste. Interesting though

menacing ayu said...

Speed Shop Design: we love furniture!

Ty: hahaha :)