Sunday, June 19, 2011

always go throught this door when we are exhuasted...

 the invisible door




 "damn! where should i put them?"


 it always look smaller when you see it at the store...



Anonymous said...

hey, do you guys sell chabott engineering Ts? would love to own one myself :)

big fan of your work, keep it up

Anonymous said...

ok, 'curiosity killed the cat'; but what does Shinya do with all these boxes, where does he find the place to store them all?

Or are they like a Russian doll; all placed one inside another?

curioser and curioser.


GuitarSlinger said...

Thats a mighty fine looking wood tool box for Shinya's collection . I'm sure he'll find a space for it , as well as something to put in it .

+1 for Chabott T's please !

I'm heading to the Kansas City show Friday morning to finally see a couple of Shinya's M/C's in person and a Chabott T would have been the perfect thing to wear ! :o)

jam'zgarage said...


menacing ayu said...

jam'zgarage: ブッブーはずれ。陽気なおばちゃんの店の隣の陰気なおじさん所です。

My iron Hell said...

Because of the high demand for tshirts, I took the liberty of developing one. I hope you guys like it, I put a lot of work in it. Since I can not post pictures here, you can check out this special "one off" on my blog. ;))

menacing ayu said...

MY iron Hell: i want that t-shirts! couldn't stop laughing for a while. thanks!!