Monday, June 20, 2011

so into this box thing...

some of you might be a little bit curious about shinya's obsession with those tool boxes. what does he do with them? is he selling them? where does he store them etc. these are just a part of his collections but here they are!


 small equipments like solder or glue gun are stored here.


 some parts are stored in the boxes on the top.


on the right, this is the bottom of the double-decker that shinya got recently.


this is the top part of the double-decker...looks like he's using it as a table.


 parts for GS1000


 dutsun parts


 and of course, this.
he basically uses most of his boxes.



shellie said...

i love all those boxes little and big....when i have time i am going to dedicate a linocut to shinya featuring his multicolored metal boxes....

GuitarSlinger said...

Pretty much what I thought . When you're a builder you've got lots of tools and even more parts needing a proper home where you can find them when needed.

FYI ; I got to finally see Shinya's M/C's this morning at the KC Art of the Chopper show . Photographs don't do them justice . I really enjoyed explaining to the other attendees who Shinya is , some of his philosophy and the fact that his M/C's are rideable . Seems I was the only one this morning familiar with Shinya , so for a little while I was volunteer Docent .

What a way to start the weekend !

Really could of used a Chabott T shirt though you know :o(


Anonymous said...

The mystery of the toolbox. Yes very difficult to define indeed.
I must confess that I am toolbox addict and probably should check myself into toolbox rehab.
I think the toolbox eternally represents the unknown. Of course the question, "What's inside?" Or even if the box is empty, what was inside?
Also any and every used toolbox is a time machine. What tools did it hold? What kind of work did it do? What about the previous owner or owners? There is an energy, a soul if you will in every old toolbox.

Shinya -
The long Kennedy Carpenter box that you have. On either end on the top of the box, there is a small rectangular stamp slot. If you knock out the stamp you can slide a 24 inch carpenters framing square into the box. Hold the square parallel with the box lid. Next take the short side of the square and slide it through the slot. Once the tongue is slid all the way in, let the square pivot 90degrees so the long side can drop down into the box. Now you can close the lid and transport your square.

Anonymous said...

a place for eveything,
and everything in it's place.


Bastybikes said...

Rockford ...:)nice words about the toolboxes ! they made my day :)

shinya kimura said...

shellie: we look forward to it!

GuitarSlinger: please drop a line to our email address. ayu wants to ask you something.

Rockford: wow! i didn't know. thank you!

59: yes!