Saturday, June 11, 2011

kainosuke oshiro #46 june 2011...

glad to see him smile right before the race :)



yeah, it was a great start!


finished in first place!

good job, Kai!

Kai, 11 years old, acts goofy around right after the race :) but we're pretty sure that he is one of the greatest riders in his age with a bright future. GO GO KAI!


this happened the next day after we left. Kai's Dad sent us this picture. well, actually he JUST sent this picture so we were very worried and called him up. found out that Kai was OK, he just jumped, landed, and his KX65 yelped with pain...guess Kai got too big for 65 now. it's time to switch to KX85!! yay!




Ty said...

WOW, I have a KTM EXC 125 but I can't do what Kai is doing...But we share a passion, a love of the dirt!

Alfred said...

Good to see he's still smiling!

crazydog said...

It is always interesting when a rider begins to exceed the abilities of their bike. Did he bend just the spokes or did the swing arm twist too?

menacing ayu said...

Ty: dirt is great. Kai's so amazing!

Alfred: his smile is golden!

crazydog: the entire rear hub was broken...