Friday, June 10, 2011

the reason why shinya wanted to bring them down was because...

they were heading to the museum at the union station in kansas city for the "art of the chopper exhibition" by photographer Tom Zimberoff...many other unique motorcycles will be showcased there so check it out if you get the chance. the excelsior and the needle will be back to our workshop in september, i think.

なぜ突然に木村氏がexcelsiorとneedleを下に降ろせばならなかったかと言うと、この2台はカンザス・シティーに向かわなくてはならないらしくて。写真家のトム・ジンバロフ氏のart of chopperというエキシビションで他のチョッパーと一緒に展示されるらしいです。去年もどこかで、その前はアーカンソー州であったのかな、その時はスパイクが行ったのですが今回はレースシーズン真っ只中なので、スパイクの代わりこの2台が行くらしいです。何かちょっと他人事みたいですみませんが、割と他人事です。むしろこの2台はチャボの2階にいつでも居てほしい・・・

the needle on the middle of the street...we'll miss you...

 good-bye for now...



Icarus said...

The Needle is one of my favorites, hopefully I can see it in person one day.

menacing ayu said...

lcarus: the needle is one of my favorites, too!

GuitarSlinger said...

Yeeeee Haawwwwww !

I live in KC , within walking distance of Union Station!!

I FINALLY get to see Shinya bikes in person !!!!

Holy ( _____ ) Batman am I ever a happy GearHead

So when does the show begin so's I can head right down there ?

Any chance of Shinya making an appearance ?

Boy will the M6 ever be getting a workout here soon

Thank you ! To Shinya and who ever is putting on this show ( sadly there has been no publicity here in KC as of yet )

I get to see one in person . Pardon me while i rant on

You just started my morning on the right foot . If I smile any harder I'll hurt myself !

Shinya's bikes .... within walking distance ! Amazing !

GuitarSlinger said...


In case you're looking in

i found the dates for the show , its on the calendar and I'll be showing up on opening day .

Starts June 24 9:30 am for anyone else interested .

And I get to walk there .

What a day . Beautiful weather . Shinya's bikes only ten days away . Can it get any better ?

menacing ayu said...

GuitarSlinger: wow! you can walk there? how cool!