Friday, June 17, 2011

swap meets enhance interpersonal relations...

left early in the morning to northern california.


the first thing we saw was our fellow cannonballer D's 1912 Harley Davidson! so glad to see him and his motorcycle again.


 wait a minute...


 wow, we found another cannonballer, V and a part of his collection... we didn't know he had a lot to chose from...


 he had a couple of or maybe more indians...


 shinya in the morning


 what kind of person put masking tapes on the original memorabilia from 1955 catalina grand prix?


him. another cannonballer R! he fixed sandwiches for us, too. it was so delish!!


our friend cannonballer Niimie will love this bike. for sure.


 look, Niimie!! this picture is for you!
WR with KR topend.


people were gathering around this cushman and asking the owner if this one runs.


 of course it did. whatever they are, cushman, teens bike, knucklehead, panhead, yamaha... if it's running, guys are riding them around.


happy shinya in the afternoon. he had finally decided to get something.
unlike those mexican swap meets or neighborhood yard sales that shinya loves, negotiating process is very tough and different at these speciality swap meets because basically many of them don't want to sell that much. they are selling their treasures. shinya says he totally understands that feeling so he just enjoys asking questions or just talking with those knowledgeable specialists. they are playing with motorcycles even before we were born! we are not digging for any valuable rare parts or collectors items anyway. so for us, meeting with people and friends is more important at the special swap meets. of course it's always nice if we could find something great with bargaining, though ;)




jam'zgarage said...

あぁぁぁ・・・。 悔しいぃ・・・。 早朝から電話くれる位なら、こういうの買っておいてくれればいいのに!

menacing ayu said...

jam'zgarage: ハハハ 興奮してると時差とか関係なく電話しちゃうよねー でも結局アレは買わなかったよ。

Anonymous said...

Great to see you two! Sorry that we didn't get more time to chat.

Ayu, your notes are very perceptive. Many of the guys go to the swap meets to talk with friends, not so much to buy or to sell.

My speech about the Cannonball was ok. A bit nervous talking to a big crowd, but they seemed to like the photos.