Tuesday, July 19, 2011

thrive on pressure...

 i thought it was an air inlet but it's not just a regular air inlet!


 it will be connected to the gas tank to raise inside pressure at high speed.



JetMoto46 said...


I leave for a few months to Sri Lanka and I see you've created another monster! It looks great and fast!

Only a mad scientist like you can think of things like this!

Icarus said...

I was curious about this when you first posted a picture about it. Couldn't figure out how it would connect to the gas tank to add pressure. Is this because a regular gravity feed won't keep the carb supplied with gas fast enough?

shinya kimura said...

JetMoto46: hey jet! thanks! how was Sri Lanka?

lcarus: humm...i won't say it's not fast enough but by this system, i can control the wind pressure by changing the direction of the fitting. will see.