Thursday, August 25, 2011

antique motorbike drag races & show...

our neighbor and the owner of the 1912 pierce(and more) Carburetor Carl organized this event at nearby speedway.


 this is 1911 Harley Davidson single, Carburetor Carl's rival. Carl said he "let him win" last year but he's gonna win this year with no mercy. guess they have been racing on the drag strip...


 we got there too early, as Carburetor Carl ordered, so there were only us, some of Carl's collections, his rival's HD + a few...


 i rode the SR!

by the way, i blurred the background because this guy was asking everyone with camera 50 bucks if they took picture of his truck. seriously. i dun wanna take any pictures of your truck, mister!


 soon or later, those rare and too-cool-to-be-true bikes started to gather in the speedway parking lot. full of "there are no rules do what you want to do" spirit.


a knuckle. very cool.

 this is Carburetor Carl.


 suzuki GS750

 ahhhh pinto!! vs. Z
they have this drag race night here at the irwindale speedway every thursday night. this Carl's event was a part of it.


can't get this off of my mind...
two pre-unit triumph motors. crazy but, we love this kind of craziness very much. we can do whatever we want to make it faster, right? it still has to be cool, though.



Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Wish I would have been there. Do you have any pictures of the black Triumph in the background of the first picture? Thank you again..

menacing ayu said...

Anonymous: thanks. i don't know why but i don't have any pictures of that Triumph...sorry