Wednesday, August 24, 2011

man will always push and run for a crocker...

the great part is that the owner of this crocker rode it to the event and he was kicking.


 now Paul's turn.

 ok, let's push it!


 shinya and Paul d'Orleans pushing the Crocker!


 yay moment!


GuitarSlinger said...

Oh man ....... you and Paul ( on his Vintagent site ) are killing me ! But what a way to go !

Brough's are amazing and rare enough but a Crocker ?

Like I said on Paul's site ..... toss in a Vincent or two and I'm in seventh heaven ......... but then again..... like I told Paul.......... thats just me being greedy :o)

Shame on me .

( But do cheer on the Black Vincent LSR Streamliner M/C at the BUB meet . He's a neighbor . Well sort of . In western terms . LoL ! )

If I ever run across an Orphan Vincent motor in need of a home Shinya ....... well ...... you know who I'll be calling ...... You !

shinya kimura said...

GuitarSlinger: i'll be waiting for your call!