Tuesday, September 13, 2011

brace yourself up...

shinya cleans up his desk and his whole working environment when he needs to remotivate himself. often times it escalate into remodeling...


repainting his workbench

 clean and fresh, ready to work!


and then shinya's young buddies stopped by and asked him to go for a canyon ride. too tempting to refuse...he jumped on MY SR and went for a ride for a while...oh, well.

「き~むら~くん!あ~そ~ぼ!」近所の若い子達が山へ乗りに行こうと誘いに来た。気合を入れたばかりの平日の昼下がり。こんな時、大人の先輩はどうするのかしらと見ていたら、スゴイ速さでバイクに飛び乗ってそそくさと出て行きましたわ。あ!それ、私のSR! 入れた気合はどこへやら・・・ま、いいか。

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