Friday, September 23, 2011

valve seat cut serenade...

he looks very serious in these pictures, right? but he says he is sooooo amused he can hardly speak. it's a very-lucky-to-be-a-mechanic moment, he says.



dangle said...

lap lap lap those valves. thank you for being a great inspiration.

Jefu rasubegasu said...

What do you have there Kimura-san a hand crank valve seat grinder??????

Bastybikes said...

mmm finesse :)
what does the knuckle get? 2 angle seat ?3 ?? or do you keep the original valve seat reference?

I also felt the same thing when playing with valves ...the very-lucky-to-be-a-mecanic-moment ...:)

shinya kimura said...

dangle: hello, my fellow lap lap lapper!

Jefu rasubegasu: yes!

Bastybikes: using 3 angle cutter to get max. air-fuel mixture.