Thursday, November 10, 2011

art from the asphalt...

 on T's dodge van


 we went to the dba256 gallery in downtown pomona for the preview night of "art from the asphalt".


 cool triumph!

the amber trophy is here along with two of Makoto's paintings, "amber trophy" and the "bantam".


Our good friend and executive director of NHRA museum in Pomona Tony Thacker(right)in 1972 in london. this was our favorite photograph!!


 Tony Thacker, now. 2011.


 the show opening on saturday the 13th 12th.
there will be an another show at known gallery on fairfax on the same day called "oil and water". check both out if you could.

このショウは今週の土曜日から1ヶ月間開催されています。それから同じ日にフェアファックスのKNOWNギャラリーにて”oil and water"というショウもオープニングです。機会があれば是非両方観てみてくださいませ。


OILY RAG said...

i love the photo of the 3 doods on the chops. those 'bunny ear' handlebars look like a nightmare to ride with.

menacing ayu said...

OILY RAG: hahaha that's kinda why they ride choppers, right?