Monday, December 19, 2011

back to basics ethos...

a miniature tool bag on 1915 indian!


 and the miniature crescent wrench inside! they were from Busch & Busch. Busch brothers L and D in reno made them for us :D


you guys made our day! thank you.

we'll take it to the cannonball next year!



GuitarSlinger said...

Love the tools and the bag . Do they manufacture them or was this a one off ? ( my " Acoustic Motorbike " could use one )

I see Elsolitariomc has voted Shinya " Most Influential Builder of the Decade " as well as Mens File featuring him and the M/V in the next issue ( Southsiders has a preview on site )

All good and all very well deserved . Well except now I'll have to buy the next issue of Mens File :o)

Lance said...

Hello Shinya and Ayu- so glad you like the gift. You must be sure to LOCTITE the screw posts from the straps to the bag- I could not get them very tight and they may vibrate loose :-)

Lance said...

Guitar Slinger- we did this as a one off, but may be able to do a bag if you are interested- of course you would need Shinya's approval if it is to say "Chabott". The tool on the other hand, was definitely a one of a kind piece :-)

Anonymous said...

What great timing. I just bought a tiny King Dick adjustable spanner and leather case from 1910! Very similar to yours, but British.

I hope you two are doing well this holiday season.

take care.


My iron Hell said...

And something about "rubbing it" and "8inch"...

menacing ayu said...

GuitarSlinger: it's a one off from Busch & Busch :)

Lance: thank you so much, guys!

occhiolungo: wow, 1910 british spanner and leather case! have a wonderful holiday season :)

My iron Hell: yes!