Tuesday, December 20, 2011

we can't use the phrase " we only had 4 months to prepare..." anymore...

 but our 1915 indian has a history, we are very confident about it. new york to san francisco, the cooler weather should be advantage for the indian. next year, it's not pre-1916 anymore. it's pre-1930. many people are taking 20's motorcycles but we want to take our indian again. as i said, we have a history together. yeah, we can make it all stages...hopefully :)


 as our flash back, the seat broke when shinya was riding in new mexico.


 it looks gallant!


 waiting for niimie to rush over to help :D



jam'zgarage said...

そっ! サンタのおじさんとね。 時期ですね。 後はダイエットです!

Steve Fanelli said...

I will be looking for you on stage 3 as you pass though Michigan to Ludington to take the ferry from Ludington to Wisconsin. Yay!

menacing ayu said...

jam'zgarage: ユー冬は太りがちアルね。

Steve Fanelli: yay!!!! look forward to meeting you in person on stage 3!

Hairy Larry said...

1915...Grandpa is almost 100 years old! What month is the run? I'll try to get over to 'Frisco and cheer him on.

menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: we will be arriving in san francisco on september 21st, 2012. hope to see you there!