Saturday, December 24, 2011

everlasting thrills and spills...

 now i can say for sure that the only person who will look good on this bike will be the owner. it happens every time. and every time i recall shinya's words: "if there is just one person besides me, feels a powerful pull and satisfies with my finished work then i'm happy. and that person should be the owner of the bike and if that person looks good on it and enjoys it, my mission is mostly completed. then i will get my mind off of everything and move on to the next one." 

he said his mission was MOSTLY completed, not FULLY completed because he gives a lifetime warranty on all motorcycles he builds...well, of course it's shinya's lifetime, maybe everlasting... :) 

oh, and in regard to this twin-cam, it's not done yet. he's still working on it. i just wanted to share the up to the minute look because it looks...super radical.




CRO said...


t said...

The blackened aluminum came out really well. Looks awesome. Merry Christmas.

matt machine said...

i didnt expect to see the alloy all blacked out.
merry xmas to you ayu and of course to you also shinya.
we have just had the weirdest day with all of my family here at the farm and im glad they have all gone.


My iron Hell said...

Betsu no idai baiku!
Anata wa ii shigoto wo shimashita ne!
Ayu ni wa keii o okutte kudasai. Tenkō wa kūrā natte irunode, jibun no sewa o shite kudasai.
Blame wikipedia and google translate for any mistakes! ;)

OILY RAG said...

looks so cool once again you have produced something compleetly unique.

Endless me said...


Ayasha Kieth said...

Yeah right, I do agree with that, oddly truthful. :D

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Plan B Motorcycles said...

Wow! is that paint or something else?

menacing ayu said...

CRO: :)

t: i was very surprised. shinya had a long way to get this. happy holidays! see you soon :D

matt machine: happy holidays!

My iron Hell: arigato!

shinya kimura said...

thank you all for your comments!

My iron Hell: arigato gozaimasu. we could guess what you meant easily but, whew this google translate sucks!

Plan B Motorcycles: no it's not paint. i tried lots of things new ways and old ways but to tell you the truth i accidentally came up with it. so i'm not sure which one and how it worked. but luckily they all worked in a good way :)

kurt morrow said...

Hello from ventura, it has been way too long again...happy holidays to both of you and love the new kitties. Shinya I feel that you are the ONLY true artist there is building bikes. To me this is another one of a kind with nothing familiar yet beautiful and agressive at the same time..Will there be a show or an unvail somewhere when you are done? Keep doing what you do, this crappy world needs spirits like you to help the rest of us be free.
talk to you two very soon, K

menacing ayu said...

Kurt, WE MISS YOU! no show, no unveiling, just deliver the bike to the owner when it's done. thinking about test ride it to the dan collins' art show in studio city next month. not sure yet. see you soon. i mean it!