Tuesday, January 31, 2012

exhilarting tuesday ride...

i couldn't ride yesterday because i had a lot of things to do so shinya asked me to go for a ride today. i've still got a lot of things to do but who can resist such an offer on a sunny day like this?


 the road to the lake and to the angel crest highway 2 is not yet opened but we can hike from here to the lake. it's been 10 years since they closed the access to the lake and it's almost there. happy :)


shinya said it was closed yesterday but the crystal lake cafe is open except mondays, guys!




 great tuesday. we love azusa canyon!



Bushwacker said...

On the way you wrote this post, I can clearly feel your sunny disposition! Yep, even though it really happens, we scheduled to do things are way then we won't be able to do it. Haha, yeah, I do agree with you how can you not stroll if the weather and place is so good. :D You really had a great time then.

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menacing ayu said...

Bushwacker: thank you :)