Wednesday, February 1, 2012

day or night, it doesn't matter...

there are always motorcycles filled in their heads.


Miguel Galluzzi, motorcycle designer who created the ducati monster in 90's, shinya and Chris of Moto GP Werks watching racing video...

90年代にドゥカーティのモンスターをデザインしたオートバイのデザイナー、ミゲル・ガルーツィと木村氏、そしてMoto GP Werks のクリス、スーパーバイクのDVDを観ながら大興奮中・・・

 in the morning...they genuinely love motorcycles. period.


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Busch Brothers said...

that looks like fun! I would love to meet Miguel Galluzzi- my second and seventh bikes were both Monsters. they are one of my favorite bikes, and the best Ducatis ever made!