Wednesday, January 4, 2012

in the virtual world, it always look lighter and smaller, no bigger than your computer monitor...

what are shinya and Perich brothers, three craigslist/used machinary addicts, doing?


 they are loading super heavy stuff (something like an electric converter?)from the chabott van onto the Perich truck.


 they are some of our favorite people but, really, couldn't understand why would they start wrestling in this situation...looked like a sumo match :D


 brand new PERICH t-shirts for 2012. thanks guys!



けん2 said...


Hairy Larry said...

A phase converter?

Luke said...

Trevor needs that "crack blur" full time!

mach712R said...


Travis Perich said...

Thanks guys for carting that thing around!
Next time my brother better bring you both more than just a shirt!
I wasn't joking when I said to find something on craigslist down here,
make sure it's big and heavy!
Thanks again you guys are the best,
and you better make time for us during the Big 3 swapmeet!
Oh yeah,
it's a phase converter - 408-3 to 208/110 -1

menacing ayu said...

けん2: 買ってないんだよ、預かり物を渡しただけ。つまんなーい。

Hairy Larry: yeah, that's it!

Luke: hehehe

mach712R: バレましたか、秘密取引中! :)

Travis Perich: anytime! shinya's already searching for something heavy on CL san diego. has to be not so big in size because here we have no space left but must be super heavy :) we'll come down to see you guys soon. i mean it!

Hairy Larry said...

Have to get a converter to get my lath up and running. Yeah, machine tools and accessories are never on the light side...