Sunday, January 15, 2012

yes, he's back...

 our favorite little motorcyclist I on the amber trophy. yes, he has grown up!


 this time, he's got his brother/co-rider IG with him :)


 yup, yup, that's his signature riding style.


 he said this is too small for him. i think it's perfect size for you, I!


 it's beautiful that little IG already shows great interest in motorcycle just like his big brother. the promising youngsters :)


here at our workshop, we have no toys or anything that can entertain little kids. but these guys are just like us! sitting, touching, admiring and asking questions about motorcycles and its mechanism. we can tell that they are brought up in a favorable environment because they're so used being around with bikes. great job, mommy and daddy :) can't wait for the day that we all can ride together and work on motorcycles together. thank you for coming, guys! you guys have made our day :)



GuitarSlinger said...

When I was a kid , a room full of M/C's and tools to look at : with a few cardboard boxes to play with and I'd of been happy as a clam in a warm tidal pool ;-)

menacing ayu said...

GuitarSlinger: you were brought up in a favorable environment :)